Partition By Range (PBR) and Relative Page Number (RPN) explained
Frank Rhodes, BMC

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Partition By Range (PBR) was introduced in Db2 9 and PBR Relative Page Numbering (RPN) was introduced in Db2 12, but they’re basically the same, right?  (No, or we wouldn’t have a presentation).  This intermediate level presentation discusses the similarities and explains the important differences between the two partitioning schemes.  We will look at some practical consequences of the different features and talk about some recent changes to further improve partition handling.

  1. Explain the new PAGENUM attribute in DDL and what its different values mean.
  2. Explain why it is significant that DSSIZE can now be larger and differ by partition. Discuss the limits on tablespace size that have been raised.
  3. Discuss the meaning and significance of “Seven byte RID”.