An Audit a day keeps the lawyers at bay!
Ulf Heinrich, SEGUS

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Mainframes are arguably the most securable computing platform. Yet they are also subject to ransomware attacks and cybersecurity threats. These risks and other vulnerabilities can lead to serious exposures of an organization’s data. Protecting data, ensuring policy compliance, and maintaining control of the data are crucial to the success of any business.

Stricter government regulations for Data Protection, Monitoring and Auditing require even more vigilance for the CSO, not only to control prohibited access, but also database activities of authorized entities to do their jobs.

Beside the organizational issues, cost based challenges should be in focus:

Is this 360° solution achieved CPU friendly (e.g. z/OS OPx buffer technology) ?

Are reports and audit preparation based on common industry standards (Zowe) ?

Is used technology IBM compliant or Vendor specific (Code or appliances) ?