Making use of the (REST) API’s around me

Toine Michielse, Broadcom

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Abstract: More and more services can be invoked over REST API. That is wonderful, but how do I actually do that. After a short introduction of REST API itself, I will take you through a few working examples of REST API and explain how to code them.


I have been working with Db2 for z/OS ever since V1. In my career I have worked as COBOL/IMS/DB2 programmer, IMS/DB2 DBA and DB2 system engineer. I have worked a number of years as Db2 Lab advocate, supporting IBM customers worldwide.

Before joining Broadcom I worked at SwissRe. Besides my function as their lead mainframe Architect I also managed the Mainframe Capacity team as well as team of Db2 specialists providing education and consultancy to SwissRe development units.

I currently work at Broadcom as one of the Db2 Evangelists and Solutions Architect. I am also proud to be an IBM Champion since 2022. My main focus is mainframe modernization in all aspects.

When I am not working I enjoy paragliding and I play drums in a rock band.