Intro to Pacemaker, the cluster manager of the future!

Tharmiga Loganathan, IBM

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In 2020, the High Availability team began the journey to incrementally deliver Pacemaker support for the various high availability models (HADR, Mutual Failover, DPF and pureScale). As this journey on Linux is coming to a close, with HADR and Mutual Failover already boasting Pacemaker support in recent releases and DPF and pureScale support set to arrive soon, there is no better time to familiarize the community with Pacemaker’s architecture, it’s advantages and the delta between Pacemaker and TSA. The transition to pacemaker has come with many benefits including: faster setup time, faster recovery performance and simplified cluster architecture. In this session, you will be provided with: an overview of Pacemaker in the context of the various high availability models, covering architecture, failover behaviour, and the cluster setup process.