Mainframe Strong: Dancing into the Future

Get ready to groove to the rhythm of mainframe innovation at our keynote session, “Mainframe Strong: Dancing into the Future.” You may want to party like it’s 1999 – Except parties weren’t made to last.  But the mainframe is.  Discover how the mainframe, like a seasoned dancer, has evolved and is now even stronger than ever before. It’s not just keeping pace; it’s leading the dance in web, mobile, and AI/ML. Embracing change is our secret sauce, turning the mainframe into the star of the tech dance party. We’ll unveil how leveraging modern tools and approaches can transform the mainframe, making our systems not just relevant but revolutionary. Don’t miss this opportunity to feel the beat of progress with “Mainframe Strong” and revolutionize your organization’s technology landscape

Kevin McGuinn

VP – IZOT Solution Engineering
Intelligent Z Optimization and Transformation
BMC Software, Inc

Kevin McGuinn is vice president for Solution Engineering of Intelligent Z Optimization and Transformation (IZOT) for BMC Software, Inc. He is responsible for field operations for North America, EMEA and Asia Pacific for the IZOT suite of mainframe solutions.

Kevin joined BMC as part of the Boole and Babbage acquisition in 1999 as a System Engineering Manager and has been promoted to various field leadership positions including Technical Services Director and Vice President of Customer Success for the ZSolutions business unit.

Prior to joining BMC, Kevin spent 12 years in various field technical & management positions at Avant Garde Computing, inc. and Boole & Babbage, Inc. in North America and EMEA.