Hands-on Lab: IMS Buffet of Labs
Tracy, Deepak, Suzie, Haley, IBM

This is an opportunity to get your hands dirty and play with various IMS and Tools functions:

  • Use the latest z/OS Connect EE V3 to discover, model, enable, and publish services and associated APIs based on trusted IMS transactions.
  • Understand how the API toolkit can be used to modify an IMS application to call out to a REST API
  • Data resiliency – explore what happens in a data sharing environment when an outage occurs
  • Convert a database to HALDB and learn how to size, allocate and populate HALDB partitions
  • Follow a step-by-step approach to build and populate an IMS Catalog environment and then use DFSDDLT0 to show the resources available
  • See how easily a distributed environment can access IMS mainframe data or even test out DDL with IMS
  • Use a new web UI for database administration
  • Understand performance analysis and IMS Connect workload management with Elastic and Splunk dashboards