Hands-on labs – IMS Buffet of labs

Suzie Wendler, IBM | Tracy Dean, IBM | Dennis Eichelberger, IBM

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This is an opportunity to get your hands dirty and play with various IMS and Tools functions:

  • Use the latest z/OS Connect EE V3 to discover, model, enable, and publish services and associated APIs based on trusted IMS transactions.
  • Understand how the API toolkit can be used to modify an IMS application to call out to a REST API
  • Data resiliency – explore what happens in a data sharing environment when an outage occurs
  • Convert a database to HALDB and learn how to size, allocate and populate HALDB partitions
  • Follow a step-by-step approach to build and populate an IMS Catalog environment and then use DFSDDLT0 to show the resources available
  • See how easily a distributed environment can access IMS mainframe data or even test out DDL with IMS
  • Use a new web UI for database administration
  • Understand performance analysis and IMS Connect workload management with Elastic and Splunk dashboards


Suzie Wendler is a member of the IMS team – Washington Systems Center. Over the past several years, her major responsibilities have included areas such as customer support, design implementations for IMS connectivity and, most recently, integration projects in support of the API economy. She has been with IBM supporting IMS for 35 years and prior to that was a customer for 10 years in the systems and application areas.

Tracy Dean is an IBM Product Manager, responsible for IMS Tools and z/VM Tools. With over 38 years of Z experience, she works with customers worldwide to understand their pain points and drive development teams to address their needs.

Deepak Kohli is an IMS Product Manager and has been working with IMS for several decades.  He has worked as a DBA, Sysprog and in IMS level 2 support.  He is a sought-after speaker in the conference circuit.  When asked if Deepak had any advice for his IMS clients, he responded: “Whatever you do always give 100 %. Unless you are donating blood.”