So you’ve implemented the IMS Catalog, what’s next?

Deepak Kohli, IBM

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A lot of clients have now implemented at least the IMS catalog.  The question is what comes next?  How do you manage the catalog? What about security?  How do you implement security for the IMS catalog?  Is there any cleanups that needs to be done for the IMS catalog?  What are the possible changes that may come up for the Catalog in the future and how does one get ready for that?  If these questions have been keeping you up at night, then come to this session, get enlightened and have peace of mind.


Deepak Kohli is an IMS Product Manager and has been working with IMS for several decades.  He has worked as a DBA, Sysprog and in IMS level 2 support.  He is a sought-after speaker in the conference circuit.  When asked if Deepak had any advice for his IMS clients, he responded: “Whatever you do always give 100 %. Unless you are donating blood.”