Deleting those “pesky” older instances of DBDs & PSBs from the IMS Catalog
Deepak Kohli, IBM

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So you implemented an IMS Catalog! Congratulations!  But now you are told that as part of housekeeping, you need to run the Catalog purge utility regularly to purge older instances. And you say: “What? What are older instances? How do you identify them? What is the RETENTION parameter? Why is life complicated? Even ChatGPT can’t help me!” Don’t worry, come to this session and let Deepak answer all of these questions for you.

Speaker Bio

Deepak Kohli is an IMS Product Manager and has been working with IMS for several decades.  He has worked as a DBA, Sysprog and in IMS level 2 support.  He is a sought-after speaker in the conference circuit.  When asked if Deepak had any advice for his IMS clients, he responded: “Whatever you do always give 100 %. Unless you are donating blood.”