Fortifying IMS Against Cyber Threats: A Cloud-Era Resilience Blueprint

Gary Turner, BMC Software

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In today’s digital landscape, cyber threats are unpredictable and pose a significant challenge to safeguarding critical enterprise data. To ensure the resilience of IMS, innovative and robust strategies are required to manage these risks effectively. This session is designed to provide you with comprehensive strategies for enhancing the protection and management of your IMS recovery assets. You’ll learn about proactive measures to fortify your backup and recovery plans and enable your organization to swiftly recover from potential breaches. By exploring cutting-edge approaches tailored for the cloud era, you’ll be well equipped to develop a more resilient IMS framework, capable of withstanding ever-evolving cyber threats. Join us to transform your approach to IMS resilience and safeguard your enterprise’s data integrity and continuity in an unpredictable world.


Gary Turner has over 25 years of mainframe experience in Systems and Database Administration for IMS, CICS/VSAM, and MVS.  Fifteen of those years was spent managing a large, complex, mission critical IMS database application for a Fortune 500 manufacturing company.  Gary started his tenure with BMC in product support of the BMC IMS Database Utilities, and for the past several years as an IMS Solution Engineer for the entire BMC IMS product portfolio.