Best Practices for REST fully Enabling your IMS
Suzie Wendler, IBM

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The “API Economy” is an ever-growing buzz phrase in today’s computing environment, but do you know what that means to your specific business systems? This session explains the what and how of API-enabling your IMS transactions and databases, what you need to know, and how best to enable the environment. This topic also explains the difference between OpenAPI 3 and OpenAPI 2 specifications and how they apply to IMS resources.

Speaker Bio

Suzie Wendler is a member of the IMS team – Washington Systems Center. Over the past several years, her major responsibilities have included areas such as customer support, design implementations for IMS connectivity and, most recently, integration projects in support of the API economy. She has been with IBM supporting IMS for 35 years and prior to that was a customer for 10 years in the systems and application areas.