What to expect with the latest IBM IMS Enterprise Suite Explorer for Development

Haley Fung, IBM

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With Aqua 3.1 being withdrawn from support in April 2023, we want to provide you with answers to your most pressing questions. Why are we ending support? What’s new in IMS Enterprise Suite Explorer for Development? How do these changes benefit me? Join this session to learn more about the latest enhancements and why migrating to the latest IMS Enterprise Suite Explorer for Development version enables you to take advantage of all the new features and added security enhancements. We may even provide you with a sneak peek into some future directions like Web-based support. Stay tuned.

Speaker Bio

Haley Fung is the IBM Product Manager for IMS and Ansible for Z. She drives the product direction in building solutions for enterprise modernization and integration for IMS and automation solutions for Z. Haley is a frequent presenter at global technical conferences. Her deep technical expertise and her passion and dedication for customers have helped many IMS and Z customers to modernize and enhance their application infrastructures as well as automating their Z resources with Ansible.