A day in the life of a Db2 for z/OS schema

Toine Michielse, Broadcom

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Abstract: There is a lot of talk about DevOps and agile development and with good reason. But what does this mean for a Db2 for z/OS database administrator? In this presentation I will provide an overview of how the process of schema management can be organized with well accepted processes and tools. This will help to optimize the time of scarce DBA resources while safeguarding or even improving the quality of deliverables


I have been working with Db2 for z/OS ever since V1. In my career I have worked as COBOL/IMS/DB2 programmer, IMS/DB2 DBA and DB2 system engineer. I have worked a number of years as Db2 Lab advocate, supporting IBM customers worldwide.

Before joining Broadcom I worked at SwissRe. Besides my function as their lead mainframe Architect I also managed the Mainframe Capacity team as well as team of Db2 specialists providing education and consultancy to SwissRe development units.

I currently work at Broadcom as one of the Db2 Evangelists and Solutions Architect. I am also proud to be an IBM Champion since 2022. My main focus is mainframe modernization in all aspects.

When I am not working I enjoy paragliding and I play drums in a rock band.