Db2 for z/OS, REST Services, and RESTful APIs
Tori Felt, IBM
Keziah Knopp, IBM

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Many mobile and web applications use RESTful APIs.  How can these applications interact with Db2 for z/OS data?  This session describes how Db2 for z/OS supports REST access and discusses some of the options available to you in exposing Db2 data through REST services.

REST services and RESTful APIs are becoming the most commonly used form for web and mobile data communication. The comprehensible format of REST provides an ease of use when developing web and mobile applications, which are only increasing across all industries. After reviewing mobile trends and the broad reach of these applications in daily human life, this session will cover using Db2 for z/OS with REST services and enacting the entire RESTful protocol with z/OS Connect. Db2 for z/OS supports a number of options for web and mobile app communication through REST services and RESTful APIs. Let’s take a closer look!