Modernizing Applications with Db2 for z/OS

Sowmya Kameswaran, IBM

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Interacting with DB2z on you host can be fast and easy wherever your code. Join us as we show you an example through both COBOL application development and using Python to illustrate how powerful and easy it is to do real work and accomplish your goals with DB2z in your chosen programming language.

There are two very different programmers, with different goals, skills, and knowledge. The data is on your mainframe in DB2z, of course, as the system of record. Luckily, this scenario is not a problem at all! Whether a data scientist using the latest packages on Python to crunch numbers, or an experienced business analyst updating jewel code logic in a COBOL program, we’ve got you covered. Interacting with your DB2 on the mainframe can be fast and easy however you code and in any IDE.