Central Canada Db2 Users Group

Annual Meeting: April 12, 2021


We will be using Adobe Connect for the live sessions. We recommend utilizing the Adobe Connect application.

If you are unable to download the app, you can also access the full conference experience through a web browser.

To download the Adobe Connect application, use the following links:

PC Install
Mac Install
Standalone Install

Once the file has downloaded, open it, and follow the instructions to install Adobe Connect. For easy step-by-step instructions, check out this two-minute video tutorial.

Check your system to ensure Adobe Connect is compatible!


The Central Canada Db2 Users Group is proud to announce that we are back in business for 2021! We have gone Virtual and will be hosting a FULL 1 day multi-channel event on Monday April 12th, 2021!

This event is the first of our kind at CCDUG and we are excited to bring you this learning opportunity. For those familiar with the Virtual IDUG conferences, we will be using the same Adobe Connect technology

When the conference begins, registered attendees can can access the virtual conference portal right from this website.



This year, the conference is 100% free of charge! That's right, we are covering your cost so you can attend in the comfort of your own home!

All you need to do is come back on the day of the event and the Adobe rooms will be open for you to attend


For more information, please contact: registration@ccdb2.ca
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